Honoring Veterans

At TERRASHADE®, we believe in honoring veterans and giving thanks to all those who served and continue to serve. Happy Veterans’ Day 2023!

Honoring veterans is more than flying the flag to observe a national holiday. It’s a personal responsibility connecting all of us to the invaluable service that veterans have given us in defending and protecting our country. And it’s a time to remember those veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice in losing their lives.

Why Should We Care?

TERRASHADE cofounder Bob Brouwers‘ father was a vet. But even if one of your family members or friends isn’t a vet, you can empathize with the anguish that veterans’ families have suffered in worrying over—and sometimes losing—their loved ones.

We cannot take lightly the fact that veterans put their lives on the line, showing courage, dedication, and selflessness. Honoring veterans is a way of saying, “It could have been us or our loved ones so we appreciate what you’ve done for us.”

When we honor our veterans, we’re not just acknowledging their sacrifices; we’re creating a culture of kindness and support.

Ways to Make a Difference

If you’re wondering what you, as an ordinary person, can do to make a difference, it’s easier than you may think. Honor vets at your workplace, volunteer at veterans’ organizations, attend local Veterans’ Day events, or simply take the time to thank a veteran for their service—even if just on social media. A simple “thank you” can mean a lot.

Also, take the time to listen to vets’ stories—tales of camaraderie, struggle, triumph, and heartbreak. Their experiences aren’t just footnotes in history books; they’re living narratives that can teach us, inspire us, and connect us as human beings.

Supporting Veterans Beyond the Holidays

Beyond expressing our gratitude on Veterans’ Day, we can support vets and extend our appreciation throughout the year. For instance, we can hire veterans, vote for veterans’ rights, and donate and advocate for vets’ health care and mental health support.

In conclusion, honoring veterans is a personal journey that connects us all to our shared history and humanity. Let’s express our gratitude, listen to veterans’ stories, and actively support those who have served. Honoring veterans isn’t just a duty; it’s an affirmation and bonding opportunity for us all.

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