TERRASHADE® Collection

View our gallery of stylish, versatile TERRASHADE structures in a variety of colors and shapes, suitable for different locations or terrains. Once you choose the shape and color you prefer, please fill out our consultation form so we can better assist you.

TERRASHADE® Size 20x20x8

TERRASHADE 20’x20’x8 is our standard "workhorse" model. All sails available in short wall and long wall sizes.

TERRASHADE® Size 28x28x8

TERRASHADE 28’x28’x8 is our standard model with a bit more space. You can order it with or without a center hole.

TERRASHADE® Size 20x20x8 with Hole

TERRASHADE 20’x20’x8 with hole is designed for outdoor kitchens or living spaces.


TERRASHADE 20’x20’x7 - if you remove one side wall, you can open up parking, swimming pool, music, or entrance to a building.

TERRASHADE® Size 16x20x8 Café

TERRASHADE 16’x20’x8 Café has a slightly reduced footprint in order to fit into smaller spaces.

Model Specifications

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Learn about installation of TERRASHADE® structure.

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