Sausalito Series Design Collection

Our TERRASHADE Sausalito Series Design Collection is configurable in many different ways to fit your specific needs. Configuration has two primary parts - the frame size and shade sail shape and size. The frame comes in 3 different sizes and is the first step in determining how it will fit into your intended space. The shade sail, also referred to as the sail membrane, can drop 90 degrees vertical and stay inline with the corner posts, or flare out past the frame, giving it a larger area of shade coverage.

This side wall design provides TERRASHADE structures with a unique function. When the sun dips low the side walls will protect in both a 90 degree vertical position, flared for a large shade footprint, or a combination of both for tricky areas. The installation at Fieldworks Brewing In Napa has 2 vertical and 2 flared side walls. Removal of one side wall gives you more options to shade the end of a pool, or as a temporary parking cover to shade 2 regular size vehicles.

The frames fit a variety of sail membrane sizes and designs. Below are photos of these amazing TERRASHADE structures in a variety of colors and shapes. Once you have found a design and color that you like and could fit your needs, request a time to discuss your application with our owner, Andrea Lynn here.

TERRA 20-7

TERRA 16x20 Cafe



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TERRASHADE is currently busy installing throughout the Northern Bay Area. More colorful imagery, photos,  and drone videos coming soon!! Book mark this page and visit us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (X).