Become A Distributor of our TERRASHADE Structures

With ever increasing heat on our planet, selling shade is just getting started. Shade statistics show us ½ way up the front side of the bell curve. Both consumers and businesses are looking for low-cost ways to make outdoor spaces more comfortable and accessible.

Andrea Lynn and Bob Brouwers, owners of Sonoma Shade Sails developed TERRASHADE brand shade structures to fill a specific niche in the shade structure market. Odd spaces that don’t have or cannot use existing structures to support sails; or that tricky patio that needs the flexible side wall feature abound. There are literally millions of locations around the world that have this specific need.

If you work in architecture, landscape design, event planning, and other industries that require shade, it makes sense to offer this product to past, current, and future clients. This can be a profitable sideline to your existing products and services, or a unique new business with few competitors.

Please contact us to become a licensed distributer of this unique and much-needed shade structure product. Please feel free to call Andrea or Bob or email us at info@terrashade.net or use our Contact form.