Colors and Specifications

Discover the Colors and Specifications of TERRASHADE® Structures

Besides providing excellent shade, TERRASHADE® offers you a wide range of colors, sizes, and configurations to match your home, company, brand, special themed event or simply to catch the eye in public spaces. TERRASHADE® structures consist of a steel frame, sail membrane, achors, and attachments.

  • Steel frame: Has a protective coating and carries a one-year warranty.
  • Sail membrane: Fabricated from 10-ounce, commercial-grade, California fire-rated shade fabric and carries a 10-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Anchors and attachments: Sturdy anchors easily attach to a variety of surfaces while maintaining stability in the wind.

If you're unsure which color or size best fits your location, be sure to contact us for a free evaluation.


TERRASHADE® shade structures come in three sizes and are so versatile that you can  configure them in several different ways (see illustrations below).

20'x20' - 8 or
28'x28' - 8
Solid Roof

20'x20' - 8 or
28'x28' - 8
Center Hole

20'x20' - 7 or
28'x28' - 7
One Side Open

16'x20' - 8


We use shade membranes from two of the U.S.'s highest-quality shade fabric manufacturers, Alnet and Gale Pacific. Our 20 years of experience working with these suppliers have taught us that our clients can indeed rely on their products.

Both Alnet and Gale Pacific supply 10-ounce, commercial-grade fabric with very close specifications and in a broad range of colors to choose from.

  • Online color selection: If you'd like specific technical information and/or a color preview, please visit our suppliers' websites below.
  • In-person color selection: If you'd prefer to view and touch fabric samples at your own location, please contact us with your request, and we'll bring you the entire array of colors so you can decide which color best fits your environment.

Our Recommendation

To avoid confusion due to the many color nuances to choose from, we recommend that you start out by considering what generic color makes sense for your location. Then you can take photos of the colors you like best, and we can review together your color choices from the manufacturers' offerings during our consulting call or visit.

Whatever your location or color preferences, TERRASHADE® shade structures have got you covered!