Elegant Outdoor Shade


A New Solution To A Problem As Old As The Sun Itself

Imagine turning any outdoor area into a cool oasis, safe from the harmful rays of the Sun.  TERRASHADE is a portable, free-standing shade structure that resembles a bird in flight. Engineered to withstand 45 mph winds, it also protects you and your loved ones from 90% of the sun’s harmful UVAB rays.

TERRASHADE - A Shade Structure Like No Other

Portable, flexible, and configurable - family, friends, guests, employees, and customers will want to gather in its shade and linger.

There are hundreds of applications - Here are a few:

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    Outdoor Event Areas

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    Residential Homes

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    Small Music Venues

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    Parking Structure

From a distinctive wedding venue to outdoor kitchens, TERRASHADE has the flexibility to fit the need! Its unique patent-pending design can attach to earth, concrete, wood, and non-permeable surfaces.


We installed our first temporary shade device at Russian River Brewing Company to provide shade in their famous beer garden. Since that time, we have set up many of our shade devices at local businesses in our home county of Sonoma. But the TERRASHADE story doesn’t start there. We have 20 years of experience in design, engineering and installing permanent tensile fabric structures.

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TERRASHADE joins other community-minded businesses to support local events by providing portable shade. Below you will find local businesses who helped us make TERRASHADE a reality.

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We’re Made For The Shade

If too much sun is a problem you need to solve, Terrashade will put you in the shade.

Here you will find both the specifications you need and ideas about how to use Terrashade to fit your specific application.

The best way to determine if Terrashade is a perfect for you is to fill out the contact form. You will receive a call from Andrea, the co-creator of TERRASHADE. Her experienced eye for shade sails will help you determine which size, color, and sail design will fit into your outdoor environment.